We guarantee the

solid BAMBOO FLOORING available in California and Hawai'i.

How can we sell such great QUALITY BAMBOO FLOORING at such a great PRICE?

Simple, we import directly from the manufacturer in large volumes

and pass the
SAVINGS on to you! 
Buy direct and



Can your flooring take abuse like this?

Strand woven bamboo material used for tractor deck plating in the Yukon, Canada.



At HiloBamboo (hee-low) Bamboo we don't believe in playing games with our valued

customers. We don't make you call us to get a price quote, we show you what the price

is on the website! We want you to get what you want at a price you can afford!

Eco-friendly products should be affordable for everyone, that's our goal and our passion.

Our customers love their finished strand woven bamboo floors and they really like the

way we take care of them throughout the process.


See what our customers say!

"Mike (from HiloBamboo) asked that I forward some pictures to you of my finished
(strand woven) bamboo flooring. The installation was completed about 2 weeks ago,

and it is absolutely beautiful. The depth and glow of the bamboo is just stunning.

We are extremely happy with the product and its' ease of installation.  Mike

recommended we hire our own installers, so their loyalty would be to us, and not to

Hilo Bamboo. This was very good advice. Our installers did comment several times

how much they liked the product and its' ease of installation. They, in fact, said it

was second in beauty only to a solid mahogany floor they installed in a Rancho Santa

Fe home just recently.  I took that as high praise indeed.  The photos attached were

prepared more for Mike to see the professional standards of my installers, but I think

are great photos for you see the flooring as shot by a complete amateur.
I can't imagine anyone not being happy with this flooring.
Best regards"

Ann in Bonsal, CA


"Hi Mike:

(The strand woven bamboo) floor is done and I love it. Zak and crew were great.

They did excellent work and arrived as scheduled. They cleaned up every day.

I would recommend them."

G and D in San Marcos, CA


"Hi Mike,

David has finished the floor! It looks fabulous. I took a few pics, but will try to get

better ones to send you. Meanwhile, quite a few people have been asking where

they can get this product. Can you send us a few of your cards or something that

we can give them? Thanks again for great service and a beautiful product!

Best regards,"

L & D in Oregon


"Mike, The project is coming along very well. You were right about seeing that floor

down, it is very impressive. Additionally, Zak has done a fantastic job and his crew

were total professionals and did a great job. Again, thanks for the materials,

they are primo."

JF in Oceanside, CA


"Mike, Thanks very much for all your help and efficiency. The floors are beautiful!!!

We couldn't be more pleased. K & P , El Cajon, CA


"Gary and his crew did a fantastic job installing the floors."

K and C in Oceanside, CA


Hi Mike
you are welcome to put the pictures up - everyone is truly impressed with this floor and it has added value to our house without a doubt!  Gary and his crew were great!  They worked so hard, were careful with our home and really are craftsmen!
The bamboo is so easy to maintain - We are very happy with the product and installation.  We had a fundraiser here with about 60 people and spread the word about bamboo!
With belief in peace,


Cherie's BEAUTIFUL home in Oceanside, CA is our featured home of the month.

Notice the custom installation that uses undercut brickwork for trimming. Fantastic!



K and C's BEAUTIFUL home in Oceanside. This floor shows off the versatility of our 5&3/8 inch WIDE strand woven bamboo flooring material because it's floating on a foam underlayment mat. Impressive isn't it?




The K and P's BEAUTIFUL home in El Cajon, CA shows off our NEWEST 5&3/8in WIDE

carbonized strand woven bamboo flooring. Awesome!



The J and RF's BEAUTIFUL home in Oceanside.


When it comes to BEAUTIFUL flooring, L and D in Oregon don't monkey around!





Chris' BEAUTIFUL home in Santee, CA uses a light carbonized strand woven bamboo

inset to show off the luster of the natural strand woven bamboo material.


Dave's light carbonized strand woven bamboo material in his new home in Kea'au, HI.



Check out his use of strand woven bamboo stairnosing for the kitchen trim work.



Ann's light carbonized strand woven bamboo flooring in her home in Bonsal, California.




Our HiloBamboo Store Manager's NEW home in Kea'au, Hawai'i. Jeremiah

installed natural strand woven bamboo in his home and it's just beautiful!



Henry installed light carbonized strand woven bamboo in his home in Pahoa, Hawai'i.





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